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ANA’s member policyholders enjoy access to OmniSure’s RiskFit® program, compliments of Proliability® powered by Mercer!

Risk Fitness®

RiskFit® is our way of giving members what they need when they need it!

  • RiskFitness® Performance Platform to chart the course for results!
  • RiskFit® Certificates for those who complete the Do-It-Yourself RiskFitness® program

OmniSure Helpline

Members who are Proliability® powered by Mercer policyholders have access to Advice-on-Demand via phone or email. For compliance, risk, or as-it-happens best practice and adverse event support, OmniSure consultants are just a phone call or click away. Unlike other insurance programs with internally managed call centers or claims departments, the Proliability® powered by Mercer helpline is a confidential, 3rd-party service that will not affect the member’s policy.

Examples of helpline calls:

  • A patient has complained about me on Yelp…now what? 
  • Can you help me terminate this patient relationship? 
  • How long do I need to keep medical records?

phone: 800.942.4140

email: [email protected]


Since 2000, OmniSure has been helping healthcare professionals in multiple settings improve performance, avoid lawsuits, and improve their risk profiles by bringing in the specialists with deep expertise in all the most important facets of healthcare risk management. Now we are offering this same great support to you!

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